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Who are we?

Our job is to serve you.



HeartSpring, Inc. is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing services in a refreshing and innovative family atmosphere. These services emphasize freedom of choice, community participation, and cultural and linguistic competence.


We are committed to supporting individuals as they strive to achieve personal fulfillment and growth,

self-esteem, community inclusion,

and independence.




HeartSpring, Inc. is committed to being recognized as a creative provider of

high quality services, encouraging individual success and freedom through the dedication of our direct support  professionals.


HeartSpring is envisioned as not necessarily the largest company of dedicated individuals striving to provide quality services, but as the most highly regarded and sought after company for people seeking NC Innovations intellectual and developmental disability services. In addition, for direct support professionals seeking an agency, HeartSpring will provide a strong history in and commitment to the field of special education.


The vision of HeartSpring management is that – within the near future – we will be operating from multiple sites within North Carolina, in or near Mecklenburg County, delivering services in program facilities and communities throughout. 

HeartSpring will continue to provide personalized care tailored to each individual.

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