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Our Services

HeartSpring, Inc. is a family run agency that matches exemplary, experienced Direct Support Professionals with individuals and families. Serving Charlotte since 2001, we are highly sought after and have a notably low turnover. We have not advertised in the past, as nearly all of our population served have grown by word of mouth from satisfied family–to–family communication. It is the expectation that services provided by HeartSpring will assist in the growth in life skills and independence for each person served. Services are available to NC Innovations members on a first come, first served basis as resources allow.


living & supports

Assists individuals in their pursuit of new skills and/or supports the persons in activities that are individualized and aligned with their preferences.

community networking

Provides a meaningful day in an integrated community setting alongside persons of all abilities.

day supports

Provides assistance to the individual with acquisition, retention, and/or improvement in socialization and daily living skills.

Residential supports-alternative family living

Gives the individual independence and freedom of choice in their living situations and provides the opportunity to have full membership in the community.


Provides relief to the primary care giver from the stress and responsibility of caring for an individual with an intellectual or developmental disability.

Supported employment

Intends to assist individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to seek, obtain, and maintain competitive employment based on individual preferences, strengths, and experiences.

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